Veterinarians in Mint Hill, NC Delivering High-Quality Care to Our Pet Community

At Mint Hill Animal Hospital in Mint Hill, NC, our veterinarians deliver personalized, high-quality care to your furry family. We are a Cat Friendly Practice and our veterinarians and staff are Fear Free Certified, meaning we have the skills to provide less-stress visits for both cats and dogs. Our goal is to make every visit an overwhelmingly positive one!


Taking the Fear Out of Vet Visits

Say goodbye to fear and anxiety during veterinary visits! Our Fear Free Certified Professionals are trained to recognize the subtle signs of stress in cats and dogs and take steps to reduce your pet’s anxiety. We use gentle handling, positive reinforcement, and food motivation (i.e. lots of treats) so your pet has a pleasant experience!

Making Our Feline Friends Comfortable

Mint Hill Animal Hospital is proud to be a certified Cat Friendly Practice! Cats typically have the hardest time getting comfortable in a new setting, so we make extra efforts to reduce their anxiety. Calming pheromone sprays, treats, places to hide, and low-stress handling are just some of the ways we reduce stress for your kitty.

comforting dog
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Get Your Pet’s Food and Prescriptions Shipped to Your Door

Mint Hill Animal Hospital has an online pharmacy through Vetsource! Shop with us online and have all your pet’s essentials, including food and medications, shipped directly to your door.