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Please Note: In order to run our hospital more efficiently and keep client wait time down, we will collect an exam fee up front for any no-show or rescheduled appointment with less than 24 hours advance notice. Also, any arrival more than 15 mins past the scheduled appointment will be required to reschedule or drop patient off if schedule allows. Thank you for your understanding.

Pet Surgery

Learn more about our pet surgery services below.

Pet Surgery in Mint Hill, NC 28227

Surgery is naturally a bit stressful for pet and owner alike. You’re worried about their well-being during surgery as well as the condition we’re treating with the procedure. At Mint Hill Animal Hospital, we aim to alleviate your anxiety with the highest standards of surgical care for cats and dogs. Our hospital takes every precaution necessary to ensure your pet’s safety throughout surgery and their recovery.

Our Pet Safety Protocols

To ensure your pet’s safety, we abide by these standards:

  • We’ll perform pre-anesthetic blood work and an exam to check the health of your pet’s kidneys and liver, which play an important role in metabolizing the anesthesia.
  • Most pets will be set up with an IV catheter which supplies them with fluids that help hydrate them and regulate their blood pressure. It also gives us an easy way to administer any medications your pet may need throughout the procedure.
  • A dedicated technician monitors your pet’s heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, respiration rate, pulse oximetry, and more with our advanced monitoring equipment.
  • We’ll provide effective pain management to minimize your pet’s discomfort upon waking from the anesthesia. We’ll also send you home with painkillers to help your pet recover.
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Common Cat & Dog Surgeries

Our veterinarians are skilled at performing a wide range of soft tissue surgeries including:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Mass removals
  • Exploratory surgery
  • Relieving urinary blockages
  • Foreign body removal
  • Cherry eye surgery
  • And more

Ensuring a Smooth Recovery at Home

Whether your pet has had a routine surgery or a more advanced procedure, they’ll need adequate rest at home to ensure their incision heals properly. While many pets, especially young ones, bounce back quickly from surgery, it’s important that you keep them from over-exerting themselves and potentially tearing their sutures. We’ll send you home with detailed recovery instructions suited to your pet’s procedure.

However, general advice for recovery includes:

  • Keep your pet in a quiet area for up to 10 days following surgery to ensure they aren’t running around, jumping, or playing too hard with other pets.
  • Outfit your pet with an e-collar or dress them in an old, snug-fitting T-shirt to keep them from licking or scratching their incision site.
  • Check their incision daily for signs of discharge, discoloration, or hardening of the skin.

If you have any concerns about your pet’s recovery, don’t hesitate to call us at 704-545-3422 for advice and reassurance!